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Real Spec SKULLS SHEMAGH - Green

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Not available
Product Description:

The Shemagh is a traditional head wrap originating from the Middle East/Arabic culture developed from the Arabic turban - and have been used by them for centuries. Now days it's perhaps publicly best know as used by the Palestinians. To the western world and - in military use - the British SAS (Special Air Service) discovered the Shemaghs potential when operating in northern Africa's deserts during the WW2. It has been a popular and valuable piece of the SAS soldiers equipment ever since and have spread from there.


•  as a head wrap - keeping sun or snow, wind, sand and dust - out of eyes, face and neck

•  as a face veil - concealing the face

•  as a scarf worn around the neck - retains heat in the cold and absorbs sweat/protects the neck in hot & sunny conditions

•  as a small sunshade cover whilst resting

•  as an arm sling - giving a wounded arm support

•  as a foot wrap - replacing a lost sock

•  as a carrying pouch for equipment

•  as a towel